Francesca Vidal

Francesca Vidal, born in San Donà di Piave (Venice), started playing piano at early age. In 2002 year she graduated summa cum laude at G. Conservatory in Pesaro and in 2008 year she achieved the Diploma Accademico Superiore-2nd level- summa cum laude, under the supervision of M° V. Balzani, at G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan. In 2002 year she earned master’s degree, mentored under the tutelage of M°Piero Rattalino, at Saint Cecilia Foundation in Portogruaro (Venice). She has study with M°F. Scala, M° B. Petrushansky and M° G. Valentini at Incontri con il Maestro International Piano Academy in Imola and also with M° Marian Rybicki at Alfred Cortot Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris (France).
In 2010 year she earned the Konzert Diplom, under the tutelage of M° Filippo Gamba, with full marks excellence at Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel in Basel (Switzerland). From 2011 year she pursued the academic career at Santa Cecilia Academy in Bergamo under the tutelage of M° K. Bogino and his aides. She attended Master classes taught by M° L. Morales, M° P. Badura.Skoda, M° C. Berner, M° E. Fadini, M° M. Beroff and M° A. Jasinski.
She won numerous prizes at national and international music competitions, i.e.: Mozart Prize, Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe in 1999 year, Taddei competition in 2003 year, Paul Harris 2005 international competition in Milan, Val Tidone 2005 international competition, Valsesia Musica Monterosa Kawai international competition in 2007 year, Dino Ciani in the world award plaque by Dino Ciani Association, international competition Karl Drechsel Forderprieis in Norimberga (Germany) in 2009 year, Umanitaria Competition in Milan and reached the final at the international competition Pecar” in Gorizia, the third prize at international competition Abano Terme City in Abano Terme (Padua). In 2014 year she won the first prize at international competition Hyperion, Rospigliosi in duos category and the second prize at international contest Gaetano Zinetti in Verona and Val Tidone (Piacenza).
She performed piano concerts at renowned associations both in Italy and abroad; i.e.: Verdi auditorium in Milan, Alfred Cortot theatre for Animato Association in Paris (France), Stora Salen at Royal College in Stockholm (Sweden), Manuel De Falla theatre in Granada (Spain), Steinway and Sons concert hall in München (Germany), Hamamatsu Concert Hall in Hamamatsu (Japan), Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Italian Culture Institute of Barcelona (Spain), Grosser Saal della Musik Academy in Basel (Switzerland), Cancelleria di Roma palace in Rome on occasion of Uto Ughi for Rome festival, Teatro dell’Aquila for Sinfonica Abruzzese Orchestra, Unesco World Heritage Center in Paris (France), Puccini Hall for Società dei Concerti in Milan Conservatory, Pierre Giannada Martigny Foundation in Switzerland, Parco della Musica in Rome, San Girolamo church in Assisi on the occasion of Assisi nel Mondo festival, Sala Mozart Philharmonic academy in Bologna, Piatti Hall in Bergamo and many other esteemed organizations.
She performed for Italian national radio broadcaster and tv stations such as Radio Classica, Canale 5 and Italia Uno. She played with Philharmonic orchestra Mihail Jora in Bacau (Romania), La Piccola Sinfonica orchestra in Milan, Ensamble Discovery Orchestra on the occasion of MITO (Milan-Turin International Music Festival), Cantelli orchestra of Milan. She played chamber music V. Balzani, M. Massa and A. Vinnisky.
In 2017 year with Radio TV orchestra of Kiev she performed N° 5 concert by Beethoven – M° Vladimir Sheiko conductor – at Gesualdo da Venosa Auditorium of Conservatory in Potenza.
She currently teaches at A. Buzzola Conservatory in Adria. She has been teaching at F. Cilea Conservatory in Reggio Calabria, at G. Donizetti Conservatory in Bergamo and at A. Peri Conservatory in Reggio Emilia.
She is Artistic Director of International Piano Competition Città di San Donà di Piave. She hold several masterclasses and she has the honor of being part of the jury at several international competitions both in Italy and abroad.



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