Competition rules

International Varaždin Woodwind & Brass Competition will be held from March 22nd until March 31st 2023. The applications will be possible until February 20th 2023.


Varaždin Woodwind & Brass is designed for students belonging to categories from A to F.

Varaždin Woodwind & Brass Grand Prix is a competition intended for artists aged from 15 to 35.

The competition is organised in the following disciplines: FLUTE, CLARINET, SAXOPHONE, OBOE, BASSOON, TRUMPET, TROMBONE, HORN, TUBA and

Varaždin Woodwind & Brass

Participants compete in six or seven categories determined according to their age. In all the categories, one of the pieces must be played from memory.

Awards in each category are made by a jury:
• 1st Prize – to all participants who score 95 – 100 points
• 2nd Prize – to all participants who score 90 – 94.99 points
• 3rd Prize – to all participants who score 85 – 89.99 points
Several special prizes can also be awarded by the Jury.

All participants who score up to 85 points will receive a participation certificate.
The Jury will choose one competitor from every discipline who will perform at the final contest, and the winner of the final contest will be presented as the competition laureate.

The competition laureate will receive a €300 cash prize, other special prizes and will perform at the Final concert.

Varaždin Woodwind & Brass Grand Prix

The Competition consists of two rounds.

In the first round competitors compete by disciplines. The passage to the second round is won by the majority of the votes of the Jury, and a Jury can let a maximum of one fourth of the competitors disciplines which he evaluates. In the second (Final) round competitors compete in a single discipline. After the second round the Jury decides on awards with a score from 1 to 100. Only awards are announced. All participants of the second stage receive a certificate of participation in the finals.

Special prizes may also be awarded by the Jury.

In both stages it is obligatory for one piece to play from memory.

First round programme: one solo composition that is selected from the submitted programme and a free choice programme of up to 20 minutes.

The second round programme: one composition that is selected from the submitted programme and a free choice programme of up to 45 minutes.

The competition officially ends with the Final concert, where all the laureates of the competition are obliged to perform. Otherwise, they lose the right to be awarded.

Prizes: The Jury will award three prizes which cannot be shared.

  • 1st Prize – cash award amounting to €1,500
  • 2nd Prize – cash award amounting to €1,000
  • 3rd Prize – cash award amounting to €700.


Article 1
The international competitions of Varaždin School of Music are intended for musicians, regardless of their type of education and nationality.

Article 2
The competitions are open to the public.

Article 3
The Organiser (the School) shall retain all the rights to video and audio recordings.

Article 4
The competitions will be held in alphabetical order starting with the letter “A”.

Article 5
Participants are required to register at the Competition Office by presenting an identity document (identity card or passport) not later than an hour before their performance.

Article 6
Every participant will receive his/her rehearsal time prior to the performance, as well as a short acoustic rehearsal in the hall where the competition takes place.

Article 7
The Jury will be composed of renowned Croatian and foreign musicians and educators.

Article 8
In case of withdrawal of a member of the Jury, the Organiser has the right to replace the withdrawing member with a new member.

Article 9

In case of withdrawal from the competition, the paid registration fee is not refunded to the competitors. Refund of the registration fee is possible only in case of cancellation of the competiton by the organizer or sudden illness of the Competitor.

Article 10
If a member of the Jury is a participant’s teacher or is related to him/her, such a member shall abstain from voting.

Article 11
Participants do not have to perform for the maximum duration specified for the given category. The Jury has the right to stop the participant’s performance if it exceeds the time limit, which does not disqualify the participant from the voting

Article 12
The competition schedule regarding different disciplines and categories will be published on the competition web site and will be printed out in the competition booklet so that the participants can receive the information in a timely manner.

Article 13
A special award to the most successful teacher can be made by the Jury at its discretion.

Article 14
The decisions made by the Jury are final and non-appealable.

Article 15
Varaždin School of Music, as the Organiser, reserves the right to amend the Competition Rules.

Article 16
In case of doubt, the Croatian version of the Competition Rules shall have precedence.

Competitors will compete by playing their own instruments and will provide their own piano accompanist. If requested in the application form, the official piano accompanist will be provided for by the Organiser.

The cost of the official piano accompanist is €50 for categories A and B, €60 for categories C and D, €80 for categories E, F and G and €100 for the Varaždin Woodwind & Brass Grand Prix.

Bank account details:

Glazbena škola u Varaždinu
Kapucinski trg 8
HR 42000 Varaždin
IBAN: HR5123600001102718441

Any bank transfer costs are not included in the application fee.

The application fee for categories A and B is €50.00.
The application fee for categories C and D is €60.00.
The application fee for categories E, F and G is €80.00.
The application fee for the Varaždin Woodwind & Brass Grand Prix is €100.00.

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